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Kenmore Elite 31552 5.2 cu. ft. Top Load Washer w/Steam Treat® & Accela Wash® - White

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Large Capacity and Powerful Cleaning

With the Kenmore Elite 31552 top-load washer with Steam Treat® and Accela Wash®, enjoy powerful cleaning performance while saving energy and water. The washer uses advanced motion technology and powerful water jets to penetrate deep stains so clothes come out exceptionally clean and fresh. And with the Accela Wash® option and up to a 5.2 cu. ft. capacity, you’ll save time by washing large loads. 

  • Kenmore Elite's 5.2 cu. ft. 31552 top load washer allows you to wash more clothes in a single load, saving you time.
  • With Smart Motion® technology, the Direct Drive Motor blends up to six different wash motions, providing customized care and cleaning to meet the needs of a variety of fabrics.
  • 14 cycles and 14 options let you customize the settings for each load.
  • Accela Wash activates a fast and powerful wash motion sequence to get clothes clean in just 29 minutes.*
  • Steam Treat® virtually eliminates the need to pretreat stains by tackling tough, set-in messes with the deep cleaning power of steam.**
  • The Cold Clean® Cycle uses a cold water wash to clean clothes as effectively as warm water cycles***, saving members energy and money.
  • The Allergen Cycle uses the power of steam to remove over 95% of common household allergens, like dust mites and pet dander, from even the most delicate fabrics.
  • The soft close hinges allow the glass lid to close gently and quietly. The tempered glass is durable and makes it easy to observe the laundry load.
  • Powerful, direct drive motor for long-lasting dependability.
  • Built-in heater automatically warms wash water to the right temperature to assist in cleaning performance.

* With Accela Wash feature activated washing an 8 lb. load on Normal cycle, default settings.

** Based on 4 common stains placed on 100%, XL cotton t-shirts, Heavy Duty cycle with Steam Treat option.

*** Compared to default Normal cycle using an 8 lb. load.

Appliance Features:
Quiet Package► Yes
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm)► 950
Water Factor► 3.7
Dispensers► Bleach Dispenser

► Detergent

► Fabric Softener Dispenser
Wash Agitator (Motion)► Wash Plate
Remote Diagnostics► Uses Phone Receiver
Washer Interior Capacity (cu. ft.)► 5.2
Washer Interior Size► 4.6 cu.ft. and greater
Certifications & Ratings:
ENERGY STAR Compliant► Yes
Color Family► White
Control Type► Electronic LED
Cycle Options:
Color Cycle► No
Cycle Status Lights► Yes
Delay Wash► Yes
End of Cycle Signal► Yes
Wash Cycles► Speed Wash Cycle

► Specialty Cycle

► Bedding Cycle

► Presoak Cycle

► Whites Cycle

► Heavy Duty Wash Cycle

► Delicate Wash Cycle

► Normal Wash Cycle

► Rinse & Spin Cycle
Number of Soil Levels► 3
Number of Water Temperatures► 5
Spin Speed Option► Extra High, High, Medium, Low, No Spin
Cord Length (ft.)► 6
Depth (in.)► 28.375
Height to Top of Cabinet► 38
Height with Lid Open (in.)► 58
Shipping Depth (in.)► 31.25
Shipping Height (in.)► 48
Shipping Width (in.)► 29.5
Width (in.)► 27
Height to Top of Control Panel► 45 inches or more
Width► 27 to 27 7/8 inches
Depth► 28 to 28 7/8 inches
Energy Guide
Energy GuideEnergy Guide
Modified Energy Factor► 2.38
General Features:
Adjustable Legs► Yes
Owners Manual - English (Warranty)Owners Manual - English (Warranty)
Owners Manual - Spanish (Warranty)Owners Manual - Spanish (Warranty)
Materials & Finishes:
Top and Lid Material► Glass & Steel
Wash Basket Material► Stainless steel
Power & Performance:
Minimum Circuit Rating► 10 amps
Kilowatt Hrs. per Year► 130
High Efficiency (HE)► Not high efficiency (HE)
Voltage► 110/120V
Product Includes:
Drain Hose Included► Yes
Power Cord Included► Yes
Fill Hoses Included► No
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General Warranty► 1 Year Parts and Labor
Weight (lbs.)► 145.7

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Based on 10 Reviews


Bought for almost $900 - salesperson recommended this particular machine because it is actually made by LG. Very first load was about 5 bath towels. We get the dreaded UB notice (unbalanced load). We opened and rearranged wash, same error. Waste of water and time. Sears came 1 week later and told us the machine was broken and to just get a replacement. That came a week later, and after about 1 week had a faint squeak. I let it go to see if it was just that one time, and now 3 weeks later it is squeaking with every load. Service guy just left - I need shocks replaced after 4 weeks of light/normal usage in a household of 3 people. He said this is a common issue with this model, and after reading the other reviews I can see that is true. He told me if the shocks don't work, I will need a new machine. Sears will not let me send back for a different model because its been just over 30 days since the FIRST machine was delivered. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! It looks very pretty and if it worked and was quiet, it would be great. If I could upload the video I took of the horrible sound it makes, you would know to move on.
Huge Drum in a smaller shell -

We have been using this washer for about a month and love it. It is quiet and works great. Holds twice the amount of our last washer. The dryer isn't so great but the washer hasn't given us any problems.
Dissatisfied -

This will be my last Kenmore washer. I have already had to have service come look at this machine. It's making noises while its washing. The service guy even stood there and heard the noise. We have not even paid for it. I want SEARS to come and get this machine and give me a BRAND NEW ONE. I am not happy at all.
Excellent Large Washer -

I like my new washer very much. It washes the clothes much more thoroughly than my previous (GE) model. It is very quiet, has great washing options, and best of all it handles bedding from a king-size bed.
Kenmore elite -

Terrible washer! Has broken down twice in the 3 years we've had it. Paid 900 for it. They tried to bill us for a new motor and bunch of parts it didnt need before the service guy actually figured out what was wrong with it. Now its broke down again.... going back to the old school agitator washer. All the bells and whistles isnt worth it!
Beautiful Large Washer -

Needed Large Top-Loading Washer, and this is it! Works great and easy to use.
Best washer -

I previously owned a Kenmore Elite and loved it. When I moved to my new house I tried to save some money by getting a Kenmore with a Triple Impeller. That machine was returned within a week and I purchased this Kenmore Elite with SmartMotion technology as that is how my old one worked. I am more than satisfied with this washer and I hope the SmartMotion technology does not get completely replaced by the Triple and Quad Impellers. The impellers just do not move the clothes around enough to clean them when the washer is filled to capacity. Also, this machine will actually fill with enough water to cover all of the clothes. I hope I will never have to own any other kind of washer.
Buyer beware -

Bought this at Sears on Saturday and returned it Monday along with the steam dryer. Put in 4 towels that I distributed evenly around tub. It spent several minutes balancing and weighing load. When water was added, the water did not even cover the towels. It kept trying to balance the load and went through that function many times. The remaining time kept getting longer and longer until it showed one hour and forty minutes to complete load. The glass top is useless as it gets fogged up. The print on the options were so small that both my husband and I had to use a flashlight at night to see them. I had looked forward to getting a new top load washer as I was using a front loader, which I hated. The rubber gasket had gotten moldy and smelled on that washer. It was an LG and very expensive. This Kenmore washer and dryer rang up at around $2,000 which included the extended warranty. I told my husband that I would rather keep the old front loader than put up with this nonsense. Luckily we hadn't gotten rid of it yet!
Washes well, but unacceptably loud -

I just bought this, I may just have gotten a fluke lemon. Hope it is fixable or else it is going back to Sears. My last Kenmore Elite was almost the same design and worked great for 9 years and very quiet until bearings went bad. This new machine sounds like someone is hitting it with a wrench and in addition to that, sounds like a chugging freight train - the entire wash cycle . Can hear thru the entire house. It washes clothes well, has a very large tub and I like the steam and other options. I like the look of it, but the chrome on the front of lid gets smudged quickly.
Great Washer -

We have only had this washer for a week but I am already in love with it. We upgraded from a Kenmore elite top load washer that was probably 10-15 yrs old, it did the job except it was starting to leave little holes in our clothes, so it was time to upgrade. After scouring the internet and reading review after review, we settled on this set. I was terrified because a lot of reviews on the new washers were pretty bad. Sears was having a sale for $850 per piece so we scooped em up. We Paid for delivery and installation and the 3yr warranty. Overall, the salesman was great and so were the installers. The set has been working perfectly since we got them. The only error code we got was because my husband didn't know what he was doing and threw towels in with a pillow. I know its going to take some more getting use to but my advice would be to read the instructions and use Deep fill if you are wanting to do a large load. You can even still use the washer beads. This is a great machine so far!!

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